Medication-Assisted Opioid Treatment

Premier Care, Inc. provides a comprehensive medication-assisted treatment program that is more intensive than traditional outpatient treatment services. Each patient receives treatment that is tailored to his or her individual needs utilizing a combination of physician-monitored methadone treatment along with extensive behavioral health services and crisis intervention.

We serve regions within Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin, striving to help patients recover their lives, restore their families and return to productive roles within the community.




Our Treatment Philosophy

Opioid dependency is primarily a treatable disease and substance abuse is a problem.

Principles of self-help groups such as the 12-step recovery model of recovery are included in treatement with a goal of abstinence for our clients.



Our Mission

Premier Care's mission is to provide affordable, quality, safe, and effective behavioral healthcare services while promoting a safe, productive, and rewarding work environment by offering sound policies and procedures, as well as proper and ongoing training.



Our Vision

Premier Care's vision is to offer a premier behavioral healthcare program achieving outcomes better than the annual state averages.


If you think you or someone you love needs help, find a clinic and call today.

Additional Referral Sources:

  • Medical professionals
  • Outside agencies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Services
  • Clergy
  • Legal officials



Who is Eligible

  • Opioid dependent adults, ages 18 and over
  • Individuals who require physician monitored methadone to assist in their recovery
  • Those at severe risk of relapse with other forms of treatment


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